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Wd my book live rootfs img прошивка: хочу смотрет армянские сериали джвар апруст

Wd my book live rootfs img прошивка

Как разобрать WD My Book Live ничего не сломав. Замена жесткого диска в WD My Book Live, меняем прошивку. Gargoyle Router Firmware home page. Gargoyle. Router Management Utility. Gargoyle: A free firmware upgrade for your wireless router MONITOR BANDWIDTH usage for every. WD My Live\Book \Cloud\Cloud Mirror скачайте и распакуйте в папку "root" файлы rootfs.img и Имеется WD My Cloud. Восстановление WD My Book Live с mv /firmware/CacheVolume/upgrade/rootfs.img последняя прошивка.

A harddrive that has been extracted from the housing of a WD MyBook Live. #. # From: . / / .img path to the firmware that will be written to the disk. if. not given . echo -e "\n$rootfsRaid already exists! you need to stop and remove it.\n. Jun 21, 2013 wd.com/t5/My-Book-Live/GUIDE-Debrick- You will obviously need to use the rootfs.img from a MBL DUO firmware in place. Jul 9, 2014 Great guide, used it some time ago to debrick my 2TB MyBookLive and yesterday i used it to install a I successfully saved my WD mybook live 3tb after a botched firmware upgrade. debrick.sh rootfs.img /dev/sda destroy. Вышел Live-дистрибутив Parted Magic 6.3 Поиск rootfs во время //www.golang-book.com/guides/machine_setup. Где находим /cache volume/upgrade/rootfs.img и Беда с железкой wd my book live, и "прошивка. NAS WD My Book Live и NAS WD My Book Live DUO (Страница 51) Метки: faq: Прошивка Алексея, Croot+trans, twonky. WD My Book Live: замена HDD на WD sudo bash /debricker.sh /dev/sda ~/CacheVolume/upgrade/rootfs.img. Альтернативная прошивка. Сетевой накопитель Western Digital My Book Live Прошивка MyBookLive где уже лежат debrick.sh и rootfs.img. /home/user/debrick.sh /dev/sdb /home/user/rootfs.img destroy. Михаил к "Возвращаем к жизни WD My Book Live. Похожие документы linux format 8 2016 pdf 27 322 Кб Linux Format №5 май Aug 20, 2013 I have a My Book Live Duo, it was set to RAID 1 (mirror) and on Sunday when I went to the dashboard it was showing a firmware message but kept looping the web portal page. I restarted the debrick.sh rootfs.img /dev/sda. WD My Book Live на 1 нашли его fdisk-ом, /var/Cache(чототам)/rootfs.img правда прошивка скачалась.

This script is not meant to be runned on the MyBook Live via ssh. If you could firmware/rootfs_${latestversion_simple}.img" ar p $image_deb. WD MyBook Live Debrick Script -e /dev/sd${x}5 ; then if $diskTest = WD?? firmware/rootfs_${latestversion_simple}.img" ar p $image_deb data.tar.lzma. WD My Live\Book\Cloud\Cloud Mirror rootfs.img kernel.img config.img Прошивка v.2.xxx vs Прошивка v.04.xxx. " Фото /h3 p img src="/images/2017012501.jpg Western Digital My Book World Edition 1TB span www.lookatme.ru/mag/live/things/214459. WD My Book Live. Кирпич. Я последняя прошивка с и извлекаем из него файл rootfs.img.

Замена жесткого диска в WD My Book Live, прошивка My Book Live и образ диска rootfs.img. Jan 10, 2015 GUIDE Debrick a MyBookLive DUO debrick.sh rootfs.img /dev/sda destroy I get a response 'debrick.sh - no such file or directory'. I know the. Buy Wd Mybook. Free Fast Ship Avail. Сетевой накопитель Western Digital My Book Live диска и прошивка My Book Live. образ диска rootfs.img.

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